HDWSBBL Season 2 (2507/2508)

Well a new season is upon us. Below are the rules and regulations for the new season.

As with season 1, the rule set that we are using is LRB5 which is available on the specialist games website. We are not using any of the proposed teams or rule modifications for LRB6. You can continue to use your team from the previous season, or create a new one from scratch using the rules outlined in the rulebook.

As before, the two main championships will be up for grabs, the HDWSBBL League Cup and the HDWSBBL Championship Cup. We are also welcoming a new championship this season, the HDWSBBL Stunty Cup.

Open Scramble 2507/2508 – September to December

The HDWSBBL League Cup will see a few changes this season. Teams will now have to play every other team in the league twice. It doesn’t matter which order they play these games in, the important thing is that all the games are played. A Team earns points for every match played as follows:

  • Win – 3 points;
  • Draw – 1 point;
  • Loss – 0 points.

The winner of the League cup will be the team with the most points once all of the games ave been played. In the event of a tie then the winner will be determined by difference in Touchdowns. If there is still a tie then it is decided by the deference in of Casualties.

The winner will receive a bonus of 40,000gp and the runner-up will receive a bonus of 20,000gp.

Championship II 2507/2507 – January to February

Once the scramble has concluded and the League Champion Crowned, The knockout tournament to crown the HDWSBBL Champion will begin.

The top 4 teams of the Scramble automatically gain entry into this tournament. Teams will be paired off with the loser of the resulting match being eliminated from the tournament. Eventually only one team is left who are declared the HDWSBBL Champions.

The winner will receive a bonus of 40,000gp and the runner-up will receive a bonus of 20,000gp. Remember, that for the Final and Semi-Final games, the attendance is doubled.

Stunty Cup 2507/2507 – Dates TBC

The inaugural Stuny Cup will be contested this season. More details will be announced nearer the time but feel free to register your interest with the commissioner.

Other news

Once again, if you can fill out a match report sheet then I can use the stats to update this website. It would be really helpful if you could mention on the sheet any trivia or news for the match such as Debuts and Freebooters. Also please record any purchases before or after the games such as players, re-rolls or coaching staff. That way the database I am using can remain as up-to-date as possible and it gives us something to report on during the season.

Apart from that, it should be fun building on the foundation of the First Season. Over the next week or two leading into the season we shall be re-introducing the old teams and announcing any new participants.

Also Remember that this site is yours, If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Co-commissioner of the HDWSBBL

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  1. Thats right folks We at HDWSBBL Head office are hoping for another groin grabbing season with lots of reports and interviews. Stay tuned for more.

    Co-commissioner of the HDWSBBL

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