introducing: The Loren Rangers

[This begins a series of articles introducing the teams for the second season. They are designed to remind us gamers of past exploits and to introduce the teams to the new players of the league.]

Much to the dismay of the other coaches of the HDWSBBL the Loren Rangers have returned for the second season. Without a shadow of doubt they where the shining stars of the first season, managing to lift the first HDWSBBL League Cup without suffering a single defeat!

From their first match they dominated everyone they faced setting records for Touchdowns and crowd attendance every time they played. The only defeat they suffered in the entire Season was to Ragnars Swift Velocity during the opening stages of the Championship tournament. Many believe that if they hadn’t suffered that loss then they would have been the first team to lift both of the HDWSBBL majors in a single season.

Critics point out that towards the end of the season cracks where beginning to show in the team. As injuries started to pile up and the other teams adjusted to their tactics, they came closer and closer to defeat. The Rangers are more then willing to prove these doubters wrong and are planning on repeating their undefeated streak through the second season. As long as their Captain Eliengad Greenstone and top scorers Elesser Everlong and Elison Crownstar are still around, this looks very possible.

1st season highlights

  • First ever winners of the HDWSBBL League Cup.
  • Went undefeated throughout the Open Scramble 2506/2507.
  • Three players in the top 5 scorers for the first season.
  • Set record for most Touchdowns scored in a single game.
  • Set Record for most Touchdowns scored in a single season.

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