introducing: Ragnars Swift Velocity

  • Race: Human
  • Coach: Andrew

Ragnars Swift Velocity has announced their return for the new season. Following on from their Victory in the Championship Tournament, Velocity are hoping to claim their first taste of League Gold.

Their first season was largely hampered by the inability of the team to turn up to games. Velocity still stands by their old excuse of a rival team hiring an Ogre to eat all of their horses. The fact that they missed quite a few games eventually cost them the chance to win the League Cup because in the end they couldn’t make up the points difference. This season they have promised to hire extra security for the team to prevent this from happening again.

While the fans are quick to point out that the few games that where played indicate a very strong team, it is very easy for critics to suggest it was pure luck that they won the Championship Cup at all. A previous encounter with the Loren Rangers produced a 5-1 hammering which still haunts fans to this day. When the two teams met in the opening round of the Championship tournament, Velocity managed to stay one step ahead of the Rangers in what would go down as the bloodiest game in HDWSBBL history to date. Critics suggest that it was the Wizard they had hired, along with the new Ogre signing (which had finally been convinced to stop eating the horses) that had won the game for them and not skill.

Ragnars Swift Velocity are out to set the record straight. They want to prove that they have a strong team, and any wins where not fluke. They have a good chance of succeeding should ageing Captain Stanrick Snider have anything to do about it. Snider is determined to hoist gold above his head one more time before he bows out and hands the captaincy to rising star Jansen Ornoff.

1st season highlights

  • Winners of the first HDWSBBL Championship Cup.
  • Caused the first Death of the HDWSBBL.
  • Hired the first Big-Guy of the HDWSBBL.
  • 1 Player in the top 5 scorers for the first season.
  • Has the player with the most MVP awards.

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