Introducing: The Ankle Biters

From the sewers below the empire come the Ankle Biters. Their interest in the HDWSBBL first peaked when several drunken Manhunter fans stumbled into a nest at the end of the last season. After tossing the corpses into the sewers they consulted with their seers and decided to enter the overworld and follow in the foot steps of some of the other illustrious Skaven Blood Bowl teams of the past.

The Ankle Biters are yet to reveal their full line-up to us here at the HDWSBBL but we do know that they have a Rat-Ogre. We will have to wait a few more days to see how this new Big Guy in the league will shift the balance of power.

One other thing. It is suggested that you sit up-wind of the rats to ensure that the unique smell of the fans doesn’t put you off your McMurphy burgers.

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