The Dice are cast – the divisions are drawn!

Last night saw the beginning of the 2507/08 season of the HDWSBBL.

Most of the coaches where present as the commissioners drew the names out of a hat to determine the 2 divisions that will form the Open Scramble this season. Just after the draw was made, the league was stunned when two new teams threw their names into the hat.

These two new teams are a Lizardman team who claim to be champions in a far off land and the Highland Nut Crushers, the Orc team from last season who where assumed to be missing in action.

We also managed to confirm the identities of two other teams who will be taking part. These are The Uphill Gardeners (a Wood Elf team) and the Best of Bands (a Lizardmen team, not a Goblin team as previously reported). Proper introductions will be coming soon.

As a result of this revelation, each division will contain 5 teams. The compositions of the two divisions are as follows:

North Division

South Division

The First game of the Season took place last night. In a highly anticipated rematch, the two champions of last season squared off. In a thrilling game Ragnars Swift Velocity held out against the Loren Rangers forcing them into a 2 all draw. What a way to start the season.

As always, keep checking the Open Scramble Page for updates and the latest standings.

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