Season 2 – Week 1 summery – Kick-off

As week one of Season 2 draws to a close it is time to summarise the status of the league. Obviously this week saw the kick-off of the season and the draft to determine the two divisions.

Only one game was played this week, mainly due to a few coaches missing the first week. Hopefully there will be a few more games played over the next week. I know of at least two planned games already so it is looking hopeful. As a result of only one game being played, this weeks summery will be brief so let’s begin:


  • 1 game played in the North division.
  • 4 touchdowns scored.
  • 9 casualties caused.
  • No players missing the next game.

Results for the week

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

  • Ragnars Swift Velocity 2 (5) – 2 (4) The Loren Rangers (att 31,000)
    • RSV: L.Ulrichson, F.Roeder
    • LR: C.Everlong, E.Crownstar

Top player statistics

Not included yet as not enough games have been played.

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