Introducing: Highland Nut Crushers

  • Race: Orc
  • Coach: Carl

When the draw for the second season of the HDWSBBL took place, nobody in the room expected the HNC to re-enter the league.

Holding the record for the longest series of games played without a win, most people expected the Head Coach to follow through with his threat and feed the team to a pack of Trolls. We can exclusively reveal that as the Trolls where about to bite the head off Star Thrower “Kill Ya” the coach had a change of hart and decided to give the boys one more chance.

Entering the North division the HNC certainly have their work cut out for them. They are up against two of their bitter rivals from the first season, the Loren Rangers and Ragnars Swift Velocity. The HNC Head Coach has commented that his team are committed to the season now that they know he is serious about feeding them to the trolls.

They don’t have too many expectations for this season, their number one wish is to win a game. Who knows, anything is possible in the HDWSBBL. Personally we wish them luck, and we hope that they don’t end up as the post-match meal for a pack of trolls.

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