Announcing the PitRat Cup 2507/08

We at the HDWSBBL are proud to announce a new Championship Cup – the Chalenge Cup. The intention is to create a safe environment for all the new teams to rip each other apart without the big-boys getting involved. This season the company Netslay is sponsoring the Rookie Cup. Their have chosen their flagship product, the PitRat bar to grace our Championship Cup.

The format is a simple one, a straight knock-out tournament between all the new teams to determine the 1st PitRat champion. The tournament matches will be spread out over the length of the Season so that the new teams are not overloaded with matches to play. Eventually we will end up with only two teams who will face off to be the inaugural PitRat champions.

The plan at the moment is to have the opening bracket of matches take place during week 7 of this season. Where possible, North division teams will play South division teams to introduce a bit of variety into opponents and start new rivalries. The initial matches will be announced closer to the time.

As always, stay tuned to the official HDWSBBL website for any news and updates.

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