Season 2 – Week 2 summery – Bloody Impact

This week two games took place consisting of 4 teams making their debut in the HDWSBBL. All of the new teams where eager to make an impact and take the lead in their respective divisions.

The upset of the week was the Best of Bands defeating on of the hot favorites in North Division, Tutbones Re-United. Despite blistering heat the Lizardmen managed to slip past the Khemri’s defence 4 times. During the games the Lizardmen managed to send a Skeleton back to eternal slumber. It remains to be seen how long he will remain that way.

South Division saw a mammoth battle between the Uphill Gardeners and the Deadheads. In the end the Gardeners managed to hang onto their lead despite a last minute touchdown from the undead. It wasn’t an easy victory though as Line Elf Tulip was mauled to death on the touchline.The Gardeners certainly where impressive in their debut. After that performance they are many peoples hot tip for the South Division.

The player stats will begin next week once all the teams have played a game. So far we have two players tied as the top scorer with two Touchdowns each, the Gardeners Leaping Dragon and the Best of Bands Meatloaf. Only time will tell if they can hold onto this position for the whole season.


  • 1 game played in the North division.
  • 1 game played in the South division.
  • 9 touchdowns scored.
  • 10 casualties caused.
  • 2 Deaths!

Results for the week

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

North Division

  • Tutbones Re-United 0 (4) – 4 (3) The Best of Bands (att 16,000)
    • TRU: none.
    • BOB: Motorhead, Queen, Meatloaf (x2).

South Division

  • The Uphill Gardeners 3 (2) – 2 (1) The Deadheads (att 18,000)
    • UG: Leaping Dragon (x2), Butterfly.
    • DH: Graham Soulless, Bruce Gruel-lobber.

Top player statistics

To begin in Week 3.

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