A quiet week in the HDWSBBL

As the fans started at tumbleweed blowing across the pitches this week, the HDWSBBL has to wonder what happened.

There where four games scheduled to take place this week but in the end only 1 managed to reach kick-off. Fans everywhere where left furious as teams didn’t arrive. At Bay View Stadium, fans of Ragnars Swift Velocity where left standing there as their opponents, the Best of Bands failed to show. Similar scenes took place at Garbage lane as the Rangers Wood Elf fans, already unhappy at having to visit the HNC stadium, where even more grumpy when they found out the Orcs no showed. They did get some revenge by planting a few trees around the stadium.

We have tried to contact the four teams who missed their games but we haven’t had too much luck. The best we can come up with is that the Best of Bands and the HNC forgot! We have also received rumours that the HNC have been fed to a Troll after a fall out with management but that is unconfirmed at this time.

Two of the teams who failed to turn up have yet to make their debut in the HDWSBBL. The Ankle Biters where eventually accounted for (They took the wrong sewer exit) but their opponents, the as of yet un-named Lizardmen Team, have failed to turn up once since they joined the league. The HDWSBBL directors are getting very frustrated with this new team and are threatening action if they don’t turn up soon.

This news won’t appease the fans that where stranded at various stadiums around the Old-World. The only HDWSBBL game that took place, the Deadheads verses the Middelhein Manhunters, was not available on Cable Vision due to a power outage at the stadium (reports that the Deadheads did this to give their Zombies a chance is un-proven at this time).

There was some respite for a few lucky fans. Ragnars Swift Velocity and The Loren Rangers got together for a quick friendly to entertain their fans (and to gain another victory against their most hated rivals). They opted for a BB7 match and so selected 7 of their best players. The match was over very quickly with the Rangers dominating 6-3. Just how both teams managed to score 9 Touchdowns in 8 turns is being investigated by HDWSBBL officials.

We will have the full match summery on Wednesday as Week 3 of season 2 draws to a close.

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