Season 2 – Week 3 summery – a real Dead one

As has been reported previously week 3 of Season 2 has been very quiet. One game took place this week in the South Division between the Deadheads and the Middelhein Manhunters.

Full match coverage isn’t available at the moment due to a power cut in the stadium disrupted our feeds but we hope to have the full coverage shortly when our reporter returns.

What we do know is that the Manhunters battled valiantly against the Undead monsters but in the end the Deadheads held out to a 3-2 victory. This win takes the Deadheads from the bottom of the South Division table and places them in Second with only Touchdown difference separating the top two teams.

That may change this week when the Uphill Gardeners are scheduled to take on the Manhunters. We should find out tomorrow night if all the teams turn up.

That’s all for this week, Week 4 should be an interesting one. With the PitRat cup looming the teams will be trying to iron out any bugs in their Line-up to give them the best chance of tasting championship gold. The Commissioners also have something lined up for the teams that are constantly absent, we don’t know the full details at this time but it should shake up the league should it occur.


  • 1 game played in the South division.
  • 5 touchdowns scored.
  • ? casualties caused.
  • ? Deaths!

Results for the week

South Division

  • The Deadheads 3 (?) – 2(?) The Middlehein Manhunters (att ?)

Top player statistics

To begin in Week 4.

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