Out with the Old, in with the new

Last night saw two teams leave the HDWSBBL only to be replaced with two brand new ones!

The Lizardmen team that signed up during the draft refused to turn up to their first scheduled match. Instead a Dwarf team jumped at the opportunity and faced the Uphill Gardeners in a thrilling 2-0 victory. We have very little information about this new Dwarf team as they turned up un-announced but we do know they are now second in South Division! We hope to have some more information about them (including a team name) shortly.

The other Drop out was the Highland Nut Crushers from North Division. After weeks of no contact we have to assume that the head coach had another turn of heart and went through with his original plan of feeding the team to a pack of Trolls. They have been replaced by a Human team who are scheduled to make their debut next week against Tutbones Re-United. Once again we should have some more information on the new human team this coming week.

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