Name Changes and other news

Another week in the can, another week of results coming up. Last night saw a few name clarifications so I thought it might be best to sum them all up in one place so everyone is aware.

The “Unknown” Dwarf team that dominated the Uphill Gardeners last week turned out to be called the Kaiek Smashers. We also got a glimpse of their roster and so the names of a few more players are known. They are starting to convince a lot of fans that they are a solid choice for the season.

We are pleased to introduce the Strickland Slammers into North Division. This new human team gave a convincing performance last night against TutBones Re-United. They have high hopes for this season and are not put off by the fact they will be facing two former HDWSBBL Champions over the next few weeks.

The Middenhein Manhunters announced two new signings last night which will swell their roster to an impressive 16 players. They welcome a catcher called Mad Hamish and and Linesman called Old Vincent. The HDWSBBL wishes these new players a long an successful career in the league.

The team formally known as the DeathHeads are now to be known as the Drakwald Dead Heads. Their head coach Bob Pastey has decided to re-launch his team now that all the pieces are in place. The Drakwald Dead Heads are currently tearing up South Division and are the hot favourites to take the South Division Title. They are half way through their games in the Open Scramble and have an impressive win/loss record (Won 3, lost 1).

While keeping on the subject of the Necromancers, One of their star Ghouls had finally settled on a name. The more observant fans out there may have noticed that the Dead Heads number 2 has been known as Bruce Ghoul-lobber and Groul-Lobber amongst other names, but finally he had settled upon Bruce Cruel-Lobber. See folks, that’s the problem when you can’t remember what you where called when you where alive.

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