Opening round of the PitRat Cup announced

With only 3 days to go we can exclusively reveal the 4 matches that will form the opening round of the PitRat Cup 2507/2508. The draw was made so that, where possible, teams would face someone from another division. This was done to create some diversity. Without further ado, here are the matches:

  • Best of Bands (North) Vs The Uphill Gardeners (South)
  • Strickland Slammers (North) Vs Drackwald Deadheads (South)
  • Tutbones Re-United (North) vs Middlehein Manhunters (South)
  • Ankle Biters (South) Vs Kaiek Smashers (South)

These matches will air exclusivly on Sly Sports this Thursday. If a game ends in a tie then the game moves into 8 turns of extra time followed by a “Golden Touchdown” where the first team so score wins the game.

The Winning 4 teams will continue to the second round which is due in a couple of weeks (the date will be announced soon).

So who is your pick for the winner? The general consensus is that if the Deadheads continue their current form then they are favourites. Second to them are the Manhunters who have shown that they are an excellent team, just going through a rough patch. On the other hand both the Best of Bands and Kaiek Smashers could swing it with the right amount of luck. Lets not rule out the Slammers or the Ankle Biters who are still relatively unknown in the league, or Tutbones Re-United who could pull them self together in time for a spectacular win.

Disagree with the above? Let us know your feelings with comments below!


  1. Bah. Its an outrage that my team, Ragnars Swift Velocity, and the Loren Rangers have been left out of this cup.

    These rookie teams don’t need a “safe environment” from us big boys, what they need is a decent ass kicking, that will show them some respect.

    We will happly challenge the winner of this tournament and show them what a real team looks like.

  2. Ha!
    Don’t think I’m counting my chickens before they’re hatched!

    But I’ve seen these fancy pants speed merchants before.

    They always talk a good game, but when the they come across a Team I’ve trained they always go to peaces…not that they don’t make good players once I’ve re-animated them! 😉

  3. Think the deadheads focusing on the big two can only mean they are taking the slammers lightly , wheres as my guys will be total focused on busting some undead head

  4. Ahh,

    I love the sound of a grudge match!

    See you at kick off, 7 o’clock tonight! 🙂

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