PitRat Cup 1st round is over – second round announced

This past Thursday saw the opening round of the PitRat cup take place. 3 of the 4 matches ended in convincing wins while one is set to be replayed soon. Over 100,000 fans packed into stadiums around the Old-World to watch the first round with countless others watching the games on Sly Sports. We will have the full match details this coming Wednesday but for now we can exclusively reveal the next round of the PitRat Cup which is due to take place in the 1st week of December.

  • The Uphill Gardeners Vs the Middelhein Manhunters
  • The Kaiek Smashers Vs the Drackwald Deadheads / Strickland Slammers

The rematch between the Drakwald Deadheads and the Strickland Slammers is due to take place shortly. Their thrilling match ended up at 2-2 as the final whistle blew. When the rematch happens we have the exclusive details.

Congratulations to the winning teams.

The next week will default back to League game matches. So far there is only one game scheduled to take place, a North division confrontation between Ragnars Swift Velocity and the up and coming Strickland Slammers. After the Slammers impressive display against the Deadheads this week it should be interesting to see them go up against last years HDWSBBL Championship Cup Winners.


  1. Exciting results, pity we couldn’t enter as we are too good.
    I’m taking the boys on holiday for a quick break. Unfortunaly in such short notice we could only go to were we played Tutbones. No idea on the name but damm is it hot!
    We will return next week, so Slammers, prepare for us! You are going to need it!!!

  2. Hey, slow down there young one, you have Velocity to face before those freaking elves. Don’t plan on any Hafling chef winning this thing for you, grow a set of balls and face us like men, that applies to you stinking Rangers too.

  3. Sorry Gerhard just looked at the results and it looks like its up to me again. Slammers beware your winning streak will end. Prepare for the match of the season, a bow down before our awsome speed and passing.

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