Season 2 – Week 7 summery – PitRat Cup Round 1

This week saw the opening round of the PitRat Cup 2507/08. 8 teams battled it out to go through to the next round. 3 where victorious, 3 where sent home and two teams are scheduled for a replay soon.

The Kaiek Smashers annihilated the Ankle Biters in a 4-0 hammering. There where Skaven all over the pitch with various limbs removed after the Dwarfs where finished with them. The Skaven (unusually) fought with great courage and didn’t turn tail and run. Their reward for this was two dead team-mates and a couple of serious injuries. The (former) head-coach of the Ankle Biters simply commented that the result was “disappointing”. He hasn’t been heard from since.

We did learn two valuable lessons about fouling though. 1. Never let your biggest guy on the team do the fouling (Their Rat Ogre Spike managed to get himself sent off) and 2. Never stay near the scene of the crime (the Dwarfs Troll Slayer stood around with a Skavens decapitated head in his hands gloating, and then wondered how the ref new it was him).

The Uphill Gardeners pulled out an amazing 6-1 victory against the Best of Bands. This win is the second biggest win in HDWSBBL history (the biggest victory, a 6-0 win was coincidently by another Wood Elf team, the Loren Rangers). The Gardeners have had a bit of bad luck recently but managed to pull it all together to pull off an amazing upset. Immediately after the match the Gardeners head coach hired a couple of the Freebooters that had joined the team for that match. One of the highlights was an interception by the Gardeners that saw the Line Elf leap up and snatch the ball on a long bomb while being surrounded by 3 Skinks, talk about nerves of steel.

The Middenhein Manhunters managed to get some life back into them selves after a poor start to the season. They faced Tutbones Re-united in a match where the Khemri from the south tried every dirty trick in the book from greased shoes to steeling the opponent’s playbook. Despite all this the Manhunters pulled off a 3-0 win.

The antics with the skeletons didn’t end on the pitch though. In one of the more confusing moments in HDWSBBL history the Tutbones announced a Mummy was going to join the team. In the middle of the press conference the head coach was consulted by an aide and suddenly retracted his statement and ran. It turns out that one of the Blitz-Ra’s spent the cash on bone-cleaning fluid and forgot to tell the manager!

Our final opening round match was the highly anticipated game between the Drakwald Deadheads and the new Strickland Slammers. Before the game even began there where bets and rumours that the Slammers would pull off an upset win against the current South Division leaders.

30,000 fans crammed into Mud Hole lane to watch the action. The match was very close with both teams shadowing each other move for move. In the end it was a last-minute Touchdown by Slammer Dieter Hitsburg which forced the tie. Both teams where unwilling to play into extra time (the sun was coming up) so a replay has been planned.

That’s all for this week. We now return to regular Open Scramble Games. The second round of the PiRat Cup is due to take place in the 1st week in December.

Quick Summary of week 7

  • 4 games played.
  • 17 touchdowns scored.
  • 11 casualties caused.
  • 2 Deaths.

Match Results for the week

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

  • Kaiek Smashers 4 (2) – 0 (4) Ankle Biters (att 25,000)
    • KS: Snori Surehands (x2), Rori Surehands, Barack StoneSplitter
    • AB: None!
  • TutBones Re-United 0 (0) – 3 (1) Middenhein Manhunters (att 16,000)
    • TRU: None!
    • MM: Shaun Ogg, Mad Hamish, Old Vincent
  • Best of Bands 0 (2) – 6 (1) Uphill Gardeners (att 24,000)
    • BOB: Unkown.
    • UG:Blondie (x2), Gay Dude, Patrick Fitsallen, Allen Fitspatrick, Ben Dover
  • Strickland Slammers 2 (0) – 2 (1) Drackwald Deadheads (att 30,000)
    • SS: Yurgen Klinsman, Dieter Hitsburg.
    • DH: Phil Nail, Ian Crush.

Next round matches

  • The Uphill Gardeners Vs the Middelhein Manhunters
  • The Kaiek Smashers Vs the Drackwald Deadheads / Strickland Slammers

Top player statistics for the PitRat Cup 2507/2508

On hold due to lack of time, they will be on the competition summery page soon. Sorry Guys but the above took an hour alone!

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