Upcoming action

So far we have 3 scheduled games taking place this coming Thursday. 2 Open Scramble matches and the highly anticipated Replay between the Strickland Slammers and the Drakwald Deadheads.

Last time these two teams met the Deadheads where the all-round favourites to walk away with the win. What we didn’t know at the time however was that the Slammers where a about to burst onto the scene like a fireball from a Bright Wizard! The Slammers gave their best and almost managed to topple the Deadheads. This time the Deadheads will have been watching the action of the last few weeks unfold and will have their plans ready. Can the Slammers recover from their loss last week to the Rangers in time, or will the Undead rise above the rookies and go shambling into the second round of the PitRat?

We also get a preview of the second round of the PitRat cup when the Uphill Gardeners take on the Middenhein Manhunters. The Manhunters are still struggling to find their form this season (and after last weeks game against the Slammers, they are struggling to find any walking players), hopefully they can find their zen against the Gardeners. The Gardeners had been struggling recently suffering an amazing amount of deaths on the team. They did silence a few of their critics with the amazing 6 – 1 display against the Best of Bands a few weeks ago. Both teams will be trying to score valuable league points and get a measure of their PitRat opponents.

If a PitRat game and a future PitRat game are not enough for you then we have a repeat from the 1st round of the PitRat. The Kaiek Smashers will take on the Ankle Biters in what promises to be an entertaining game! The Smashers have been going strength to strength recently and have recently taken the lead in South Division. The last time these two teams met the Smashers set an all-time bar for Deaths in a game. It is one record they plan to break this time! Not much is known about the current status of the Ankle Biters, their Head Coach hasn’t been seen since their last disastarous game. It should be interesting to see who is leading them onto the pitch.

As always HDWSBBL will have all the news once we get it.

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