More matches for tonight

Another match has been lined up for tonight’s action. Ragnars Swift Velocity are looking to take out their recent frustrations on the Best of Bands. The last time these two met it was a close game where RSV managed to emerge triumphant despite having sub-par ball handling skills. Gerhard Rockstein, head coach of RSV) is already furious about his opponent missing last week’s game and is insisting that the commissioners do something about it. Time will tell what the outcome of this spat it.

At the time of the upcoming match announcement earlier this week the HDWSBBL where un aware that the Kaiek Smashers had already faced the Ankle Biters ahead of schedule. We can confirm that they will play again tonight. Can the Ankle Biters can turn around this string of bad luck and injuries and topple the unbeaten Dwarfs from their position at the top?

Nah, we don’t think so either but it should be fun to watch the blood run!

Disclaimer: none of the above matches are 100% confirmed to take place. By the very nature of the open league things could change at short notice. Stay tuned to your nearest HDWSBBL service Provider at 7 to see what matches are taking place.

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