Please leave it to the professionals

Here at the HDWSBBL we are very grateful for our fans. You come out in all weathers to watch our games and many more of you cram into taverns all across the known world to watch our games. You bring banners for your team, create inventive chants, and even urinate in the correct places. In short you are the best fans possible. We do have one request though, for you own safety, please leave the killing to the professionals!

We have noticed a growing trend of player deaths caused by the fans. In return this has caused an increasing number of fan fatalities during the recent weeks as the players expect the worse. While the players you see out on the pitch make it look like child’s play, they are actually highly trained deranged psychopaths who are lucky to be alive (or have a second chance of living in the case of the Undead) .

Please, leave the killing to us. Don’t try this at home.

ps. on a side-note, you collectively hold the record for most kills this season so far. 3 confirmed with at least 3 suspected.

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  1. Please find a clarification for the Frenzy skill…guess the Dwarf’s and Undead will have to calm some of their players down a bit more now… 🙁


    The new wording for the Frenzy skill talks about a player taking a block action, following up a “Pushed” or “Defender Stumbles” result and then making a second block. Does this mean that the maximum number of blocks a frenzied player can make on an opponent is now two?

    Also is it now mandatory for a player with the Frenzy skill making a “Blitz” action to “go for it” to throw a second block?



    Yes to both questions.

    now for some clarifications:

    The skill talks about the player ‘making a block’ which is NOT talking about a Block Action. A block is when you roll the block dice as part of a Block Action or a Blitz Action, but is not an action itself.

    The skill only allows for 2 blocks, as it does not say you can throw any more blocks after the 2nd block

    The last sentence in the skill says that the blitzing, Frenzy player must spend a point of movement and must make the 2nd block unless he has no more movement and cannot go-for-it again. So if you can go-for-it again, you must follow up and throw the 2nd block.


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