The final 4 for the PitRat are set

Last week saw the thriling replay between the Drackwald Deadheads and the Strickland Slammers. The Slammers suffered a bit of bad luck and eventualy lost the game 3 – 1 to the Deadheads. Debuting Catcher Tobius Kuyt scored for the Slammers while fan favourates Ian Crush and Bruce Cruellobber took the win for the Undead.

Thomas Eckhart, Linesman for the Slammers was unfortuantly killed at some point in the match. Not too let a good body go to waste, he was quickly adopted by the Deadheads. Head coach Bob Pasty had the following to say:

Just a quick welcome to “Thomas…grrr..Brains”, a new acquisition for [us].

His previous team the Slammers felt he had given up the ghost and was a bit “lifeless” in their recent PitRat Cup re-play.

However [we] decided to give the guy one more chance.

With this latest result it means that the remaining 4 teams are all from South Division! I am sure this will give the coaches someting to debate over this coming week.

The next round of the PitRat cup will be played in week 12 (6th December) .

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