Another big guy makes an enterance

This past Thursday saw the third big guy make his debut in the League. The Strickland Slammers announced their new signing at they began the match with Ragnars Swift Velocity. They fans in attendance where overjoyed to see the two Ogres go at it for the match. The Slammers Ogre had a lucky escape after Bowel Gusher managed to send him to the apothecaries bench just before half-time. The big guy has pumped full of drugs and sent back out.

The Slammers hope that this new Ogre has better luck then Bowel Gusher of RSV. Before this week he had only caused one casualty in 7 games (admittedly it was a kill). RSV Head Coach Gerhard Rockstein commented that it was like “a flipping stage coach, you wait ages for 1 and then 2 turn up at once.”

Who knows if gamble this will start an arms race in the league. The Manhunters have shown an interest and the Rangers have long time plans for a treeman.

It is a risky gamble? As said above Bowel Gusher of RSV has a less then impressive hurt ratio and Spike from the Ankle Biters spends more time getting sent off then crippling people. The Slammers have more confidence.

The Slammers are also having a competition to name this new beast. Leave your suggestion in the comments below. The slammers will select the best (or ignore you all) and announce the final selected name shortly.


  1. Dog Breath, Butch, there all the same horrible ogres. They should be banned from the league, fithly creatures stinking up the pitch.

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