Finalist of the Pitrat cup announced

We now know one of the finalists for the 2507/08 PitRat cup. This week the Kaiek Smashers scored a last minute touchdown against the Drackwald Deadheads to secure their place in the final. Both Rori and Snori Surehands scored the touchdowns for the Smashers while Ian Crush scored for the Deadheads. An impressive 64,000 fans attended the match which has broken the previous record for the largest attendance ever for a HDWSBBL game, which stood at 60,000.

The Other semi-final game between the Uphill Gardeners and the Manhunters failed to take place due to the Wood Elves boycotting the game. They threatened to pull out of the league unless they got a promise that they would have a clean locker room to prepare in.

Always eager to please our coaches, the HDWSBBL committee have agreed to this demand and the Gardeners will continue in the league. The scheduled match will take place as soon as possible.

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