New HDWSBBL record set

Over the last few weeks we have all watched as the Kaiek Smashers attempted to break the record for “Most Casualties caused by a single team in a single game”. Week after week they would equal the record of 4 but never managed to beat it (as a side note, they once hit 5 but the crowd claimed one of those!).

The Dwarfs must be feeling pretty gutted this week as the record was broken by another team! During their amazing come back against the Best of Bands, Ragnars Swift Velocity went on a rampage and sent 7 of the Lizardmen into the casualty box!

In an unprecidented display of skill and aggression RSV went from 3-0 down half way in the first half, to ending the game 4-3 in their favor. HDWSBBL referees are watching the replay closely to ensure that no dirty tricks where used to set this amazing record. They have already been able to confirm that however they managed it, RSV struck low with 3 of the Lizardmen suffering groin strains! Hopefully they should have confirmation by Wednesday for the weekly summary.


  1. There is still time for my team (Karak Smashers) to regain the record.
    Thats “KARAK SMASHERS”. The players are getting more annoyed with all the spelling errors with the team name and players names from the humans, even though a team roster has been shown to them.
    GRRRRR…….More people will die for this travesty.

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