Upcoming Fixtures

The fixtures for next year have now been planned. Dates will be planned as the weeks progress but the plan is to finish by February. You may play the games whenever but we ask that you MUST!!!give us a full match report, all the stats, all information is correct and filled in. This is very important and has to be followed. Please contact the Commissioners if you are planning to play a game that’s not on the Regular Thursday night.

North Division Fixtures:

Best of Bands v The Loren Rangers

Best of Bands v Strikland Slammers

Tutbones Re-United v Strikland Slammers

The Loren Rangers v Ragner’s Swift Velocity

Strikland Slammers v Best of Bands

Ragner’s Swift Velocity v Tutbones Re-United

Best of Bands v Tutbones Re-United

South Division Fixtures

The Drakewald Deadheads v Middinhein Manhunters

The Drakewald Deadheads v The Ankle Biters

Kaiek Samshers v The Drakewald Deadheads

Kaiek Smashers v Middinhein Manhunters

Middinhein Manhunters v The Uphill Gardeners

The Ankle Biters v The Uphill Gardeners

The Uphill Gardeners v Kaiek Smashers

The Uphill Gardeners v Middinhein Manhunters

These are all the remaining fixtures. If there are any in this list that have been played please let us know as soon as possible please.

The Next game that is a must on Thursday is:

Second Round Pitrat Cup: The Uphill Gardeners v Middinhein Manhunters

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