Week 13 Matches

Happy New Year to all members of the HDWSBBL. We hope that 2508 will be the best year for thrills, spills and certainly plenty of kills.

We regret to inform that there will be no matches till the 10th of January. This is down to an agreement by the commissioners to give teams an extra week to prepare and also an opportunity for us to plan the fixtures.

Next week is week 13, but don’t let the unlucky number throw you off. The fixtures will be as followed.

Pitrat Cup Second Round

Middenhein Manhunters v The Uphill Gardeners

North Divison

Best of Bands v The Loren Rangers
Ragner’s Swift Velocity v Tutbone’s Re-united

South Division

The Drakewald Deadheads v The AnkleBiters

We apologize to the two teams (The Strikland Slammers and Kaiek Smashers) who won’t be playing week 13 but please if you could still come along just to be on standby in case any team is a no show.

Please inform the commissioners on this thread if you can or cannot make it please.

Thank you for your continuing support

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