1st qualifier for the Championship Cup

As a result of the Draw last night between Ragnars Swift Velocity and Tutbones Re-United, the best position in North division that RSV can hope for (and it is a big hope) is 2nd place.

This means that no matter what happens in their final game, the Loren Rangers have qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship Cup Tournament.

The Rangers shouldn’t rest too hard though. There is a slim chance that the Strickland Slammers could overtake them in their last few games and take the North Division Championship from under them

South Division hasn’t seen anyone qualify yet. The Karak Smashers victory last night moves them closer to their goal but any of the top 3 teams (Karak Smashers, Drackwald Deadheads and the Uphill Gardeners) in the division could end up qualifying.

As a reminder, to qualify for the HDWSBBL Championship Cup Tournament a team must finish in the top two places in their division. The tournament will take place when the Open Scramble and the PitRat Cup finals have been completed.

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