Week 14 Fixtures

Hey folks,

Another week of fun packed action and a game closer to the end of the season. There aren’t many games left to play so lets clear our diary’s and push forward to finish the season.

Tonight’s games are as followed:

  • Middenhein Manhunters v The Uphill Gardeners (2nd round PitRat)
  • The Loren Rangers v The Best of Bands (North)
  • The Drakewald Deadheads v The Ankle Biters

I would like to just point out at this point that teams who are behind on their games will play as much as they can whilst teams who are up to date will unfortunately have to sit out a few weeks. We do try to included everyone every week but due to people no able to attend or playing different games we have to accommodate with what we have. We have no problem in people playing other games but we do ask that we are informed so we can actually make plans.

Thank you for you continuing support.

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