Season 2 – Week 13/14 summery – Lets play catch-up

Due to a recent invasion of the HDWSBBL offices we have been unable to present a proper summery for a while now. Please accept our apologies for the brief summery below. Stats should return in the near future!

Over the winter break the two bottom rated teams in North Division duked it out for pride and honour. The Tutbones made the long journey oversees to visit the Best of Bands in their Temple complex. Unfortunately it appears as though our reporter got lost somewhere on the way back so details of the clash are limited. All we know for sure is that the end result was a one all draw which would have pleased both sets of fans.

It does appear as though our reporter was not the only thing to get lost though, the Best of Bands haven’t been seen since this fateful clash. If anyone has any news as to their whereabouts then please let us know (There are a couple of Wood Elves waiting to take them apart!).

The Tutbones made it back for week 13 and faced of against Ragnars Swift Velocity. RSV where determined not to lose again to the undead and fought bravely. Catcher Fredrick Roeder scored quickly in the first half. The Velocity fans where so delighted by this action that they stormed the pitch causing a riot that lasted the rest of the Half. The Determined Tutbones didn’t let this put them off and grabbed onto the ball at the first opportunity. What followed was a 8-turn drive down the pitch that saw RSV through everything in their path. Tutbone star Sharkali managed to slip away at the last second and score the equaliser. This puts serious pressure on RSV who need every point they can get to qualify for the HDWSBBL Championship Tournament.

The Karak Smashers continued their patch towards domination. They first played the Uphill Gardeners. From what we hear it was an epic encounter with the Dwarfs stomping over their rivals. (Unfortunately it does appear as though the reports file has been lost so if they (Of the assistant commish who I forwarded it onto) would like to re-send the details then I can edit this message out with something useful. my bad ).

Week 13 saw the Karak Smashers in action again against the Manhunters. Both teams went for the surprise factor and revealed new players. The Manhinters showed of their new Ogre while the Smashers silenced the crowd as a deathroller made its entrance. Absolute carnage ensured with both of the new signings ripping their way through the opposition. We believe that we may have a contender for “Best death of the season” as unfortunately Manhunter Linesman Stumknot was crushed to death attempting to take out the deathroller. idiot. The Dwarfs eventually came out victorious 2-1.

That brings us nicely to week 14 where we finally saw the PitRat cup game between the Gardeners and the Manhunters. Both teams battled hard for the place in the final but in the end the freebooting team of ladies managed to pip the Manhunters to the line with a resounding 3 – 0 victory. I am sure a few seeds will be planted in the garden tonight *winks*.

That concludes our summary for now. The next few weeks will be crucial with the final few games of the Open Scramble taking place. If all players could be prepared to play then it would help things immensely should plans have to be changed at the last minute.

Quick Summary of week 12 and 14

  • 2 games played in the North division.
  • 2 games played in the South division.
  • 1 PitRat cup game played.
  • 12 touchdowns scored (to be confirmed).
  • 7 casualties caused (to be confirmed).
  • 2 Deaths! (to be confirmed)

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

North Division

  • Tutbones Re-United 1 (?) – 1 (?) The Best of Bands (att ??,000)
    • TRU: Sharkali
    • BOB: unkown
  • Ragnars Swift Velocity 1 (0) – 1 (2) Tutbones Re-United (att 26,000)
    • RSV: F. Roeder
    • TRU: Sharkali

South Division

  • Uphill Gardeners ? (?) – ? (?) The Karak Smashers (att ??,000)
    • UG: unkown
    • KS: unkown
  • The Karak Smashers 2 (1) – 1 (1) Middenhein Manhunters (att 19,000)
    • KS: S Surehands, R Surehands
    • MM: Moist Von Lipwig

PitRat Cup

  • Middenhein Manhunters 0 (0) – 3 (1) Uphill Gardeners (att 56,000)
    • MM: none!
    • UG: to be confirmed

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