The End is Near….Week 15 Fixtures

The end is almost upon us. A few teams have only one game remaining while a lot have about three or two. This is good news as we can get all the finals done in one blow. We urge that all teams attend their matches to ensure we finish in time.

Week 15 Fixtures are:

North Division:

Best of Bands v The Loren Rangers
Strickland Slammers v Tutbones Re-united

South Division:

The Drakwald Deadheads v The Middenhein Manhunters
The Ankle Biters v The Uphill Gardeners

RSV miss out as well as Karak Smashers as they have only one game remain whist we have teams with three and four games remain. We do apologize. If you cannot make your game please contact me and tell me so I can plan a different game.

Can I also ask for teams to bring everything they have such as team rosters, old match reports etc.. we have some mistakes and missing information so I will need to check it all out please.

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