Season 2 – Week 15 Summery

This week was full of spills, thrills, touchdowns and fatality’s. There were a few close moments in some games and a complete walk over in one.

The first match was between the Deadheads and the Ankle Biters. The game was a total walk over for the Deadheads beating the poor rats 5 -0. The injury box was full of injured rats but sadly only one died. The attendance was still good though, early reports stated that 220,000 fans turned up! But this was soon checked and confirmed that only 22,000 fans turned up.

Our second match was the anticipated game between the Strikland Slammers and Tutbones re-united. A rivalry it seems has developed between these two teams after the Slammers knocked them out in the PitRat cup and beating them in their first league meeting. Tutbones looked good to win it after hiring another mummy and their good current game record. But to the dismay of the Tutbones the Slammers won the game 4 – 0 and killed their star mummy PapaRa.

The Last game was the long awaited game between the Loren Rangers and the Best of Bands. The game has been held off for many weeks now and was finally able to take place last week. The Best of Bands played well and almost won the game but a lot of bad mistakes gave the Rangers the chances they needed and won the game 4 – 2, a great effort by the Lizards. Reports also confirmed that in the late stages of the game, Rangers star player Elison Crownstar was in the injury box. Reports say that he is ok and will play the Rangers and RSV end of season game.

Quick Summary of Week 15

  • 2 games played in the North division.
  • 1 games played in the South division.
  • 15 Touchdowns scored
  • 12 casualties caused
  • 3 Deaths! (1 to be confirmed)

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

North Division

  • Tutbones Re-United 0 (1) – 4 (4) Strikland Slammers (att 21,000)
    • TRU: None!
    • SS: No.10 x2, No.11 x2
  • The Best of Bands 2 (0) – 4 (1) The Loren Rangers (att 33,000)
    • BoB: Unknown….
    • LR: E. Everlong x3, E. Crownstar

South Division

  • The Drakewald Deadheads 5 (5) – 0 (1) The Ankle Biters (att 22,000)
    • DD: No.2, No.5, No.7 x2, No.8
    • KS: None!

Scorers named will be updated soon!

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  1. Hi Guys, we’ve had a bit of a mix up with our stats for the last game and would appreciate it if you could let me know who made the casualties, just so we can incentivise our players to their fullest! 😉

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