Week 16 Fixtures – O What a Night………..For Pain!!!

After a weeks break we will return with the following fixtures. Please bring all information, match reports you may have to this evening. Me and Andy would like to go through all the information and check the stats all add up.

North Division

  • Best of Bands v Strikland Slammers

South Division

  • The Drakewald Deadheads v The Middinhein Manhunters
  • The Ankle Biters v The Uphill Gardeners

We regret that Kaiek Smashers, RSV and The Loren Rangers will miss out this week.
I would also like to congratulate Big Paul and the Tutbones for being the first team to finish all their games (and early as well) But remember just because your out doesn’t mean you can’t still play. Friendly matches are always welcome to improve your playing skills, tactics and just basic practice.

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