Season 2 – Week 16 Summery

Last week proved to be a very interesting evening. The Strikland Slammers beat the Best of Bands 4-0. Not only did they beat them, the Slammers also picked up the record for highest amount of casualties in a game. The officials clocked 7 injury’s on the Lizards. This however was later checked and only 5 were accounted as injurys (the rest were down to the crowd and/or the lizards themselfs) The Slammers also have stopped all possibilities of RSV to qualify for the Championship Cup, the title they currently hold.

Another shock result was in the south division were the Ankle Biters drew with the Uphill Gardeners. At one point reports say that the elves were down to 5 men at one point in the game.

Another good week of results. There will be no matches this week as love is in the air. Fixtures will appear sometime soon.

Quick Summary of Week 16

  • 1 games played in the North division.
  • 1 games played in the South division.
  • 8 Touchdowns scored
  • 11 casualties caused
  • 1 Death

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

North Division

  • Best of Bands 0 (1) – 4 (5) Strikland Slammers (att 26,000)
    • BoB: None!
    • SS: No. 8 x2, No. 11, No. 12

South Division

  • The Uphill Gardeners 2 (1) – 2 (4) The Ankle Biters (att 23,000)
    • UG: No. 5, No. 7
    • AB: No. 11 x2


  1. I am relieved that there will be no games this week as I have realised that I am meant to be doing something this Thursday…

    Mrs Pastey might not appreciate me going off to the club. 😉

    will be up for the game against the Middenhein Manhunters next week! 🙂

    Oh and good on you, you Ankle Biters!!!!
    Looks like the rats have turned. :-))

  2. only 5 Casualties? Must we remind you that our current record stands at 7 (and they are confirmed acts of violence from one of the team, not the crowd or self inflicted injuries).

    How does an injury during a friendly (as it is not there in the match listing) count towards the total stats, I thought that was for official weekly stats only! Typical Slammers fixing the books to make themselves look good. They are almost as bad as those Rangers.

  3. “It was the death of the famous PapaRa of Tutbones Re-United. The Mummey was injured after a few Strikland Players ganged up on him.”

    But Tutbones were not playing last week???

  4. Dear me those Slammers are getting a very bad reputation for bullying the other teams in their league…
    Mind you Best of Bands probably asked for it! 😉

    Who was it that died, “Skink Lizzy”?

    Shall I get my coat now???

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