Featured Match: Rangers Vs Velocity

This weeks feature match is the much anticipated match between the undefeated Loren Rangers and Ragnars Swift Velocity. This Thursday these two teams will clash in the Loren Dome in what promises to be a thrilling encounter. Almost no other paring of teams in the HDWSBBL have such a competitive history.

It is fitting that this will be the last game in North Division as they where the two teams to open the competition 17 long weeks ago. Both teams have come a long ways since that day where it ended in a 2-all draw. Their rivalry however stretches all the way back to the 1st Season. It was during a match during the Open Scramble 2506/07 where the Rangers hounded RSV to a a 5-1 defeat. That loss still stands as the biggest loss in RSV history and ignited the team so that when they both clashed 2 weeks later in the opening round of the HDWSBBL Championship Tournament 2506/07; RSV did the unthinkable and beat the Rangers 4-3 in a historic match (1st ever death in the league, most casualties in a match, only loss of the Rangers, appearance of the first “big guy” etc).

On paper, both teams look evenly matched. Both have prolific scorers, for the Rangers there is Elison Crownstar, and for Velocity there is the recently cleared to play Lars Ulrichson. Both players have scored over 20 touchdowns here in the HDWSBBL and lead the all time scoring records. Its the same in the throwing category; Youngwhite Erison (Rangers) and Ben McRaw (RSV) are two of the top all time Throwers in the league (number 1 and 3 respectively).

Where the teams begin to have differences is in the offense. The Rangers play very fast, relying on speed to escape their opponents while RSV favour the more traditional “punch in the face method”. It is hard to argue that with over 41 team Touchdowns (as opposed to Velocities 26) that the Rangers have the more effective strategy. Velocity fans will be quick to point out that RSV have caused 3 times the amount of casualties then the rangers. RSV Captain Stanrick Snider and Blitzer Kamminsky Mittbrott are famous for their blood soaked dances.

The Rangers have an impressive Win-Loss-Draw record (11-1-1) while Velocity have suffered as of late with their matches (6-5-1). Interestingly the only loss and Draw that the Rangers have suffered where against RSV. If it wasn’t for that loss during the tournament last year the Rangers would have been undefeated in the HDWSBBL. As it stands however they will have to settle with being the only team to remain undefeated in any League competitions!! Don’t count out Velocity though, they have a habit of pulling it together when things look their most grim.

If the advantage doesn’t lie in the physical abilities of the team, maybe it lies in the minds. Rumor has it that this match will be the last for Captain Snider of RSV. Many believe that he is ready to finish his 13 years as a Blood Bowl pro in a blaze of glory, leading his team to one last victory. Head Coach Gerhard Rockstein hasn’t commented yet on these rumours but that is not too surprising considering what the man has gone through as of late. Thanks to the Rangers taunting he has been seen crying on the pitch, been carried away by armed guards, deafened a HDWSBBL reporter with foul language and nearly suffered a mental breakdown. He could go to an length to secure a victory.

The Rangers have so far remained quiet about this whole match. They simply point to the record book that shows them  as the more advanced team before escorting our reporters out of their stadium. When the Elves go this quiet it normally means they are up to something. Nobody has defeated them in the past apart from RSV and they will be hoping to settle who is the better team once and for all (the previous encounters between the Rangers and RSV have ended with a win each and a draw).

Regardless of the outcome of the match the Rangers will move into the Finals of the 2507/08 Open Scramble while RSV return home and regroup after a gruling season. The question now is, will the Rangers survive their last league match undefeated or will RSV upset them one more time?

Get your tickets while you still can folks, this one is going to be a sell-out.

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