Season 2 – Week 17 summery – End of a record

In the end only one game took place this week, the much anticipated clash between the Undefeated Loren Rangers and Ragnars Swift Velocity. Tickets sold out for this even in moments and the Rangers Loren Riverdome Stadium was pushed to its limits as 40,000 fans crammed into every available space.

The fans inside the stadium and those watching at home where treated to one hell of a match with both sides taking advantage of each others mistakes. In the end it was RSV who managed to hold out and punish a bit of sloppy ball handling by winning the match 3-2.
The Stars of the team where out in force. Star Catchers Ulrichson and Crownstar both managed to grab some points and the RSV thrower pairing of Ben Mcraw and James Hetfielder managed to make plenty of chances. On the other side of this the Erison Youngwhite wasn’t having a great game and the constant abuse by the fans and RSV blitzers Snider and Mittbrott caused more then a few fumbles. RSV MVP Jansen Ornoff was deserving of his award, he managed to hold off two catchers by himself for ages while RSV rushed over more players to his aide.

Both teams surprisingly played a very clean game. Only one injury was reported which will have no long term effects. Both teams instead focussed on out-playing their rival to show who was better. Most of the violence appeared to be coming from the RSV dugout whenever the Rangers had possession of the ball.

There was some controversy. In the dying moments of the match, the Rangers where about to score but the full time whistle blew. Many fans reacted angrily to this as much time was lost earlier in the match due to a Riot by the RSV fans. As this is the 3rd Riot in as many games by the RSV fans, HDWSBBL officials are looking into the situation to see what can be done.

So with that defeat it means the Rangers legacy of never being defeated in League competition is over. They have had an amazing run though. They have been undefeated for 12 league games in a row (with a 10 match streak including all competitions). Surly that is one for the record books.

We did manage to catch up with both coaches after the game, we shall start with Rangers coach Jordan Hawk:

What can I say. At least we where beaten by a good team (Hawk is visibly straining at this point – ed). We couldn’t create enough chances and trying to get the ball was impossible at ties. Well done to RSV, they deserved it. We will now concentrate on the Championship and hopefully the league finals

RSV Coach Gerhard Rockstein was less then refined

YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! In your faces you pointy haired, tree hugging, lame excuses for Elves. We finally showed today that we are the better team. We may have had a rough season but we pulled it together when it counted and shoved the ball so far up the Rangers Asses that ..(censored for the sake of the children – ed).. with a spike! We may not have qualified for the Championship Cup this year but you never know, we may turn up. It is a long way for the Slammers to travel on a boat. Just saying.

HDWSBBL fans may also notice that there are once again no stats this week. We are currently looking to replace our statistician after our last one was caught with a pack of deamonettes!

Quick Summary of week 17

  • 1 game played in the North division.
  • 5 touchdowns scored.
  • 1 casualty caused.
  • 0 Deaths!

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

North Division

  • The Loren Rangers 2 (0) – 3 (1) Ragnars Swift Velocity (att 40,000)
    • LR: E. Crownstar, C. Everlong.
    • RSV: F. Roeder (x2), L. Ulrichson.

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