Week 18 Fixtures

Sorry for the confusion. I think this has been added by mistake and has not been checked properly.  At the moment Andy is updating the website. This is due to go fully on-line in the next couple of months ready for season 3 which I hope you all will return to.

The games this week are:

  • Karak Smashers v The Drakewald Deadheads
  • The Uphill Gardeners v The Middenhein Manhunters

Which will leave one more week to play league matches. I ask that just to finish the league and get on to the finals that each team plays their games. We are running overtime now and with the work me and Andy will need to do to get the next season ready (as well  as finishing this league) we need to finish.  Thank you for you continuing support.

Kind Regards


See you there..


  1. Am i not down to play the deadheads as its my last game. The one against the uphill gardeners would be the pitrat final. Laurance has two league matches to play against the skaven and humans. He thought he was playing the humans next week??

  2. We should of played 2 weeks ago but i could not make it, then you could not make last week so you playing manhunters last then i guess. Manhunters also thought they playing gardeners this week as well.

  3. We have had alot of problems getting the matches played. People being away (which is ok as long as we know) and people playing other games (which is ok as long as we are told) So it has been rather hard this season getting the games finished. As for the change in games, I have done this so that we only have two more weeks of league games left. This is why we have a website so everyone can check the fixtures.

  4. Sorry I could not hang around Rob, but I’m on earlies this week and the prospect of playing till kicking out time again did not appeal…

    I stayed till about quarter too eight and called it a day.

    Maybe next week?

  5. finally arrived at 8 due to delays at home with partners sister 🙁 screwing things up again. next week will prob be about 7.45 as collecting littleone at 7.30 before turning up the week after should be earlier. Leaves you to play your match against the humans.

  6. Can anyone let Rob know that I will not be able to make our game this Thursday? Hope to play it the following week, 27th March.

    I am going down to teh In-laws this weekend, and as its Good Friday we are setting off Thursday night… 🙁

    Hope you all have a good Easter Bank Holiday.

    PS. When is this website going to get an update????

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