Week20 Fixtures

Tonight’s games will be as followed:

  • Karak Smashers v The Drakewald Deadheads

Please make sure you can attend as we really need to finish these games.Thank you


  1. As mentioned a few days ago on the previous thread I will not be able to make this game, as I am going down to visit the in-laws this weekend, which starts today and not Friday as I thought it did…guess who doesn’t go to church that much? 😉

    Sorry for this, and hope to play the game next week…

  2. Informed Andrew that i will also be unavailable this week as visiting family in Wales. 🙁 Will (should) be there next week though.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Rob, much appreciated.

    If you’d like to play this game at a weekend or Wednesday evening I’m sure we could just pitch up at the club and set to without upsetting the barman…?

    Let me know what you think Rob… 🙂

  4. I should be available this thursday (27th) will be able to confirm tomorrow during day. “never rains but it pours” as they say

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