Season 2 – Week 20 summery – League Stages over, on to the finals

It has been another exciting week. At the end of week 19 we reported that there where still a few games to play. As it turns out our intrepid reporters have discovered that these games have already been played! The end result is that this week saw the last games in the Open Scramble league stages taking place.

From what we know now, the top three teams in South Division (Karak Smashers, Uphill Gardeners and the Drakwald Deadheads) where neck to neck in points. A Loss for any of the 3 could spell the end of their championship dreams.

All the teams where on tender hooks as the matches kicked off. Over in the Rat Pit the Uphill Gardeners had their rematch against the Ankle Biters. The Last time these two teams faced off the Ankle Biters pulled off an upset and managed to hold the Elves to a Draw. Tonight was not their night however as the Gardeners quickly took them apart and stomped home to a 3-0 victory. The Ankle Biters got desperate during the match and began to take the Elves down to their level. Unfortunately for them the Referee was wise to their antics and sent 3 of them off the pitch. Hopefully next time they will save some money in the bank to bribe the Ref.

With the Gardeners victory in the bank they moved into 1st position. All eyes where on the Deadheads – Smashers game because if the Deadheads pulled out a victory then the Smashers would move into 3rd place.

It was a marvellous display with both teams giving it all. The Smashers used their trademark strength to plough through the Deadheads defence and score just before the half-time whistle. The Undead didn’t just sit back and take it though. In the second half they gave everything their corrupted souls would allow. Something worked and they scored an equaliser. The rest of the match descended into a frenzy as both teams wanted the win. In the end the final whistle blew on a great game that ended with a draw (and one zombie being sent back to the afterlife).

With that Draw the Smashers and Gardeners where on equal points. After a lot of match report checking and double checking the Karak Smashers where awarded the South Division crown on Touchdown difference.

This week the Final of the Open Scramble 2507/08 will take place. The Karak Smashers will take on the Loren Rangers to determine the HDWSBBL League Champion. After that we still have the final of the PitRat cup to play and then the Championship Tournament can begin in earnest. Stay tuned to this website for the latest updates.

Quick Summary of week 20

  • 2 games played in the South division.
  • 5 touchdowns scored.
  • 4 casualty caused.
  • 1 Death!

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

South Division

  • Ankle Biters 0 (?) – 3 (?) Uphill Gardeners (att 24,000)
  • Drackwald Headeads 1 (?) – 1 (?) Karak Smashers (att 30,000)

FINAL League Standings

North Division

The Loren rangers 8 6 1 1 25 11 +14 19
Strickland Slammers 8 6 0 2 27 7 +20 18
Ragners Swift Velocity 8 3 2 3 17 20 -3 11
Tutbones Re-United 8 1 2 5 6 20 -14 5
Best of Bands 8 1 1 6 12 27 -15 4

South Division

Karak Smashers 8 5 2 1 16 6 +10 17
The Uphill Gardeners 8 5 2 1 18 9 +9 17
Drackwald Deadheads 8 4 3 1 22 11 +11 15
Middelhein Manhunters 8 1 1 6 9 20 -11 4
The Ankle Biters 8 0 2 6 4 23 -19 2

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