Open Scramble Final – Loren Rangers Vs Karak Smashers

Tonight sees the final in the 2507/08 Open Scramble. Thousands of fans are already congregating around the newly refurbished HDWSBBL Stadium in anticipation of a great match.

After 20 weeks of Blood Bowl action we have whittled down the original 10 teams to 2. Both of the participants tonight have given their all to be here, overcoming 4 other teams in their division.

The North Division Champions, The Loren Rangers are no strangers to league Gold. Last season they where the team to lift the inaugural HDWSBBL cup in last years Open Scramble. Since then they have gotten stronger with each match setting an all time undefeated streak which lasted over the span of 2 seasons! They have constantly shown up their opponents with their amazing speed and grace and made a mockery of many well rehearsed defensive formations. Their Coach Jordan Hawk is determined to retain their title and be the first team to lift the League Cup two seasons in a row.

The South Division Champions, The Karak Smashers are new to the league this season. When two teams dropped out early on these “unknown Dwarfs” made an unforgettable debut crushing the Uphill Gardeners. Since then they have continued that trend with their trademark stomp up the pitch until (normally) one of the amazing Surehand brothers runs as fast as he can to score the touchdowns. They are in the unique position of having a chance to win the Triple Crown of championship cups this year, a feat that no team has managed to pull off before.

The Smashers to have a small advantage in that one their main rivals from South Division, the Uphill Gardeners, are Wood Elfs. Because of this they are well versed in the lightning fast manoeuvres that they can perform. The Rangers however have never faced a Dwarf team in HDWSBBL competition. It will be interesting to see how they react.

Will the Rangers be able to pull off all their normal manoeuvres or will they get caught in the Smashers line of scrimmage before they get a change. It’s wise to remember that the Karak Smashers have a Deathroller sitting on the sidelines that could ruin an Elf’s day.

One of our reporters commented that seeing tonight’s two team’s face off will be like a stone taking on the wind. The wind can blow all it wants but the stone will never move, and the stone will have to work very hard in disrupting the wind. After he made these comments he was fired for substance abuse.

So get down to the HDWSBBL stadium now while there are still tickets available because tonight we will have a league champion.

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