Season 2 – Week 21 summery – New League Champions

After 21 long weeks the dust has finally settled and we have this seasons League Champion. 10 teams started the quest but only two teams made it through to the final.

The final took place in the newly refurbished HDWSBBL Stadium. Our two competing teams where The Loren Rangers (The North Division Champions) and The Karak Smashers (The South Division Champions).

Over 46,000 fans took their seats as the game began. The Rangers received the ball and made their trademark dash up the field. Unfortunately for them the Smashers had done their homework and targeted their key players quickly securing the ball and putting several stars in the dug-out. The Smashers then began their trademark grind up the pitch towards the End Zone. The Rangers managed to steal the ball away on a number of occasions but the numbers game was against them and all their creative plays where quickly shut down. By the end of the first half it was 1 – 0 to the Smashers.

The Second half saw the Dwarfs Bring on their Deathroller much to the horror of the Elves watching. The Rangers must have had a good team talk at half time as they came out fighting and gave everything they had. In the end their inexperience of facing Dwarfs proved to be their downfall as the Smashers scored their second Touchdown just before the final whistle.

With the Game over the Karak Smashers where declared the Open Scramble winners and handed the HDWSBBL League cup. The Smashers have now set their sights on winning the Triple Crown, and unprecedented event here in the HDWSBBL.

The Rangers haven’t given up though. They are now focusing on the upcoming Championship Tournament. They can hold their heads high as they know that if these two teams face each other again, they can pull out the win.

Quick Summary of week 21

  • 1 games played in the Open Scramble.
  • 2 touchdowns scored.
  • 3 casualty caused.
  • 0 Death!

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

Open Scramble Final

  • Karak Smashers 2 (3) – 0 (0) The Loren Rangers (att 46,000)

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