PitRat Cup 2507/08 Final Tonight

Tonight will see the final of this seasons PitRat Cup. Many months ago 8 teams started out on the path to glory but after many furious matches we are left with our two finalists. The Karak Smashers and the Uphill Gardeners.

Both teams are no strangers to each other. They have clashed twice this season in the South Division of the Open Scramble (where they finished first and second). It is not clear who has the clear advantage as both teams came out of their encounters with a win.

The Gardeners have been strong throughout the Cup. In their previous two matches against the Best of Bands and the Middenehin Manhunters they showed the skill and finesse that comes as standard with any Wood Elf Team. They also showed a willingness to carry on after several deaths threatened to cripple them early on in the season.

The Smashers have equally been impressive carving a path of destruction through the Ankle Biters and original favourites the Drakwald Deadheads. It is well documented by know their love of carnage on the pitch.

There is a lot on the line tonight. The Gardeners have pride at stake as they are the only team to have ever beaten the Smashers while the Dwarfs are looking to claim their second HDWSBBL Championship this season.

So Tune in to witness the glory tonight in the HDWSBBL Stadium where we will crown the first ever PitRat Cup Champion.

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