Season 2 – Week 22 summery – The First Double

After a long league at last we came to the finals. The Karak Smashers who beat the Loren Rangers last week in a thrilling league cup final were out for more as they took on the the Loren Tornadoes who came second in the south division.

The karak smashers qualified by first beating the Ankle Biters fellow south divison team, which was also the only south v south game, 4-0. They then faced the Drackwald Deadhead who after a thrilling first game and a replay qualified as well. The game was long but in the end the smashers won 2-1.

The Tornadoes in the opening round beat the Best of Band 6-1, the highest score in the PitRat cup. They then faced the Middelhein Manhunters who beat Tutbones Re-united 3-0 in the first round.

Both teams played their best. But in the end the Karak Smashers beat the Tornadoes 2-1 and lifted gold for the second time this season. Could we see a treble? Stay tuned.

Quick Summary of week 22

  • 1 games played in the PitRat Cup.
  • 3 touchdowns scored.
  • 1 casualty caused.
  • 0 Deaths!

Match Results for the period

(numbers in brackets are casualties caused)

PitRat Cup Final

  • Karak Smashers 2 (1) – 1 (0) The Loren Tornadoes (att 60,000 )

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