The Championship II Preview

It’s been a very long league indeed but it’s finally time for the Championship II to happen. Four teams will battle it out to win this most valuable cup. The Championship Cup features the top two teams form each division playing in a knock out tournament where the Winner of one division plays the runner-up of the other. The winner of the cup will receive the trophy plus 40,000gp plus winnings while the runner-up will get 20,000gp and winnings. The tickets will sell like hot cakes so remember your attendance is doubled.

Last year’s winners Ragner’s Swift Velocity didn’t qualify this year but last years third place team the Loren Rangers made another appearance after winning North Division.

The Strickland Slammers, a new team this season, has shown fans again and again just how good they are. They came second after only two losses in their division and almost knocked the Rangers off the top spot. They qualify and look to play the winner of the south division.

In south division you have the winners of the division, league and the PitRat Cup the Karak Smashers taking on the Strickland Slammers. This will be a one heck of a game to watch. Finally the last team to qualify were the newly named Loren Tornadoes (formally the Uphill Gardeners) They will face the Loren Rangers in the first ever derby game in the HDWSBBL and possible the first ever woodies v woodies. This again will be a brilliant match to watch.

Stay Tuned for more action and the results of each game as they happen.

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