Season 2 Week 23 summary – The Championship Semis are complete

Both the Semi-Final games in this seasons Championship Tournament have been completed and we have our two finalists. We saw two great games which attracted fans from all over the Old World to witness these titans do battle.

The first match was between the League and Pitrat Champions, the Karak Smashers against the rising stars of the league, the Strickland Slammers. The Smashers where out to dominate the match and hoped to go on to be the first team in HDWSBBL history to win all 3 championships in a season. The Slammers where not going to let that intimidate them. They have had a great first season with only bad luck keeping them from obtaining other championships.

66 thousand fans gathered to watch this match. The Smashers quickly took possession and scored an early touchdown. As the Dwarf fans geared themselves up for another win the Slammers fought back and equalised just before the final whistle. As we had to have a winner, the match entered into extra time. Both teams fought tooth and nail but in the end the Slammers slipped past the Dwarf defence and scored the winner. As the Slammers fans stormed the pitch the Smashers stormed off in disgust as their dreams of a triple where over.

The other Semi-Final games was a derby match between the Loren Rangers and the Loren Tornadoes. Despite appalling weather 66 thousand fans crammed into the Rangers Loren Dome (despite the capacity being only 60,000) to watch the first ever Wood-Elf vs Wood-Elf match here in the HDWSBBL.

It was apparent from the word go that luck was not on the side of the Tornadoes. At several points the ball slipped from their fingers as their made their play. The first half had no clear leader until the final few moments when the Rangers managed to dance past the defence and score.

From there the match was all one-sided. The Rangers took advantage of the Tornadoes bad luck and scored another 3 touchdowns ending the match 4 -0. We really have to give credit where it is due as both teams deserved the win. They performed amazing plays that would make any other jealous. In the end, the Tornadoes luck ran out as the Rangers advanced into their first Championship Cup Final.

That means that our final match will pit two teams from the North Division, the Human Strickland Slammers and the Wood-Elf Loren Rangers. This match is sure to be spectacular so stay tuned to this site for all the details and build-up to this final game.

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