Welcome to a new era: HDWSBBL.co.uk

Welcome to the all new HDWSBBL website. For that last 6 months work has been ongoing to provide the league with a permanent home that will last for many generations to come.

Underlying this new site is a database containing every game and moment in HDWSBBL History. This is then used to generate the pages you see before you. From the admins side this is a massive time saver as we can enter a match and all the Seasonal, Competition, team and player pages are updated by the system rather then one of us having to go through and spend 2 hours a week updating pages and generating the weekly summaries. For you players you can drill down to a specific item and see in great detail everything about it.

In case you are wondering, the statistics on this site are gathered from the match report sheets that you have been filling in. If your stats don’t match that on your roster then that means the stats sheet was missing some information. If it is wildly different, come and see me on Thursday and I will see what I can do. There are still a few missing details when it comes to teams so please don’t run if you see Alex or I approach you!

Hopefully everything you require is now on this site. Each team should have its own page along with pages for each player, each stadium and each match. A lot of the match reports are still blank and the player descriptions are still generic entries. If you do have something you want to put for your team or players feel free to email either myself or Alex and we will get the page updated for you. Eventually you will have the ability to do this yourself but that access is further down the road yet.

Hopefully the navigation is easy enough to master. If you cannot find something, a link appears to be broken or you notice something odd then please let me know in the comments below.

Apart from that enjoy and let us know what you think.

Andrew and Alex

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