HDWSBBL:Warzone – Welcome to Pain!

Welcome Sports Fans from across the Old World to the Warzone!

This is the start of the HDWSBBBL:Warzone, the only place for the latest news from the dugout, team news, weekly round-ups and much more. I will just explain some of the finer details so you know what this section of the website is all about.

As you can see the weekly summary of the 2507/08 season are on here from the old website which were added by Andy. This is now a special feature for the Warzone and will be generated every week as long as their is Blood Bowl to be played.

We want to encourage you, the coaches, to get involved more with the website and the league. If you have any new signings, pre-match comments, rants about other teams post-match, issue challenges and anything else then get in touch with me and we will add it to the website.

So get those comments in coaches and stay tuned for all the new signings for the 2508/09 season.


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