HDWSBBL 2508/2509 (Season 3) Information

The Start of the 3rd season of the HDWSBBL is upon us. If you haven’t already done so, please confirm which team you will be using this season and fill out the team registration form. Please attach a copy of the roster you are using (or let us know you are using the one on the website).

As with the previous seasons, the rule set that we are using is LRB5 which is available on the specialist games website. We are not using any of the proposed teams or rule modifications for LRB6 (apart from the compulsory changes). You can continue to use your team from the previous season, or create a new one from scratch using the rules outlined in the rulebook. As with previous seasons, Star Players are not allowed as we prefair to build our own stars!

The proposal is to play games every two weeks of the month. That should allow time in between games to play other game systems or take time out. This has been established after last season over-run by about 6 months! By doing things this way, there should be no excuse to forget to bring your team as the first two weeks of any month will be for Blood Bowl.

This season, 3 Major championships will be up for grabs, the HDWSBBL League Cup, the HDWSBBL Championship Cup and the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup (formally known as the PitRat Cup). Details of these competitions are below:

Hunts Havoc 2508/2509 – September

The Hunts Havoc 2508/2509 will be for the HDWSBBL League Cup. The competition itself will take on a similar format to Open Scramble 2507/2508 with the teams split into divisions. Each division will crown a champion who will then face the other divisional champions until one team is left the winner. We decided on a new name for the league competition this season due to the change in format (it is not an “open” any more as the schedules are fixed).

During the league stages, a team earns points for every match played as follows:
• Win – 3 points;
• Draw – 1 point;
• Loss – 0 points.

The winner of a division will be determined by the number of league points accumulated throughout the league stage. In the even of a tie, the winner will be determined by Touchdown difference, then Casualty difference. In the Unlikely event of there still being a tie, it will then be decided by number of touchdowns scored.

Depending on the number of teams signing up, the teams will be split between 2 and 4 divisions.

The overall winner will receive a bonus of 40,000gp and the runner-up will receive a bonus of 20,000gp. Any Final and Semi-Final games will see the attendance doubled.

The Championship III – February

Once the Hunts Havoc has concluded and the League Champion has been crowned, The knock-out tournament to determine the third HDWSBBL Champion will begin.

The top 2 teams from each division of the League Competition automatically gain entry into this tournament. Teams will be paired off, with the loser of the resulting match being eliminated from the tournament. Eventually, only one team will be left will be declared the HDWSBBL Championship Cup winners.

The overall winner will receive a bonus of 40,000gp and the runner-up will receive a bonus of 20,000gp. For the Final and Semi-Final games, the attendance is doubled.

The Zombway cup 2508/2509 – November

In a turn of events the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup has a new sponsor. NetSlay have decided to withdraw their support from the cup (something about lack of Rats in the final). After hunting high and low, the Zombway Company (“Eat Flash”) has decided to take up the sponsorship. They have done away with the “new team only” restriction and opened up the tournament to all the teams! They are looking for exciting action to promote their brand name across the old-world and beyond. As a result, the Challenge Cup tournament is open to all HDWSBBL teams irrespective of size or experience.

Once again the Tournament itself will take the form of a Knock out Tournament with the loser of each match getting eliminated. The competition itself will weave in between league games like last season.

The overall winner will receive a bonus of 40,000gp and the runner-up will receive a bonus of 20,000gp. For the Final and Semi-Final games, the attendance is doubled.

Other news

Once again, if you can fill out a match report sheet then I can use the stats to update the website. It would be really helpful if you could mention on the sheet any trivia or news for the match such as Debuts and Freebooters. Also please record any purchases before or after the games such as re-rolls or coaching staff. That way the database I am using can remain as up-to-date as possible. If any information is not marked down on the match report sheet such as the MVP award etc.. unless notified will not be added to the website. And whatever is on the website is final.


  1. So are the Rangers. We will beat RSV this year and show once and for all who is the better team.

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