Returning Teams Part 1 (2508 edition)

Now that the 2508/09 season has been announced, teams are lining up to take part. Like last season, there will now follow a series of small articles detailing the teams as they sign-up. This initial article will detail the first teams to sign-up to the new season.

The Loren Rangers

Unless you have had your head in the sand, The Loren Rangers need little introduction. The Rangers have returned for their 3rd consecutive season of the HDWSBBL. They have collected almost every award available in the HDWSBBL and have set many records over their career. To date, the only thing that has escaped them is a HDWSBBL Championship Cup win.

Last Season didn’t totally go to plan for the Rangers. After tearing through their competition in the League Stages of the Open Scramble 2507/08 they suffered a run of bad luck in their remaining matches. Despite reaching the finals of both the Open Scramble 2507/08 and the Championship II, they ended the season without any new championship cups to add to their collection.

They still have the star power on the team though. Erison Youngwhite is the top passer in the leagues history and while catchers Elesser Everlong and Elison Crownstar are around all teams should be weary of this lightning fast team.

Last Seasons accomplishments:

  • Equalled the league record for consecutive wins (7 games) which they set in the first season.
  • Reached the finals for the Open Scramble 2507/08 and the Championship II
  • Catcher Erison Youngwhite retained his award for most successful passes in a season (while also winning it for the Open Scramble 2507/08 and the Championship 2).

The Middenhein Manhunters

The Middenhein Manuhunters are always a fun team to watch. If they win, their over the top celebrations bring tears to the eyes of their remaining supporters and when they lose the antics of their grumpy coach Lord Havlock always amuses the reporters.

They are looking to erase the memories of last season by returning with a full strength line up. Captain Sam Vimes, Thrower Lobsang Ludd and presumed dead Moist Von Lipwig are all ready to take to the field once again and show the league that they are capable of winning a match!

Last Seasons accomplishments:

  • Made it through to the Semi Finals of the PitRat Cup 2507/08

Ragnars Swift Velocity

Also returning for their 3rd season are Ragnars Swift Velocity. These former champions of the HDWSBBL have fallen on hard times as of late. An appalling run of form cost them a chance to win any trophies last season. To compound matters, they entered the Blood Bowl Tournament and got utterly thrashed by their opponents.

After several months of silence they have re-emerged with new Captain Kamminsky Mittbrott leading a fresh-faced team. They have several new signings and have parted ways with old veterans Stanrick Snider and thrower Ben McRaw due to injury. Once again Head Coach Gerhard Rockstein is shouting from the rooftops about how great his team is, hopefully they can live up to expectations, otherwise he might suffer another nervous breakdown and spend an eternity waiting for the day that will never come.

Last Seasons accomplishments:

  • Set the record for “Most Casualties caused in one match by a single team” and then lost it to the Strickland Slammers.

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