Retiring Teams (2508 Edition) Part 1

With a heavy heart we have to announce that some teams are leaving the HDWSBBL. For some the embarrassment of defeat is too much to bear, for others, they are drawn to new challenges in life.

Today we announce the first two teams that are leaving us. In their own right they have set a host of league records between them. Unfortunatly they may not want to be remembered for breaking them.

The Best of Bands

These Metal loving Lizardmen first bust onto the scene in an amazing display of pyrotechnics and hair spray. In their first few games the Best of Bands managed to win a few games. However this performance wasn’t to last as the other teams in North Division quickly managed to get the better of them. The final blow against them came in their final match against the Strickland Slammers who demolished them sending 10 of them to the doctors.

Despite all the losses the Best of Bands will be remembered for being the most underhanded team the league has seen so far. Their Skinks have all been drilled in hitting the opponent while the Ref’s back is turned, If they ever return, hopefully they will have learnt to hit harder to make it count.

The Ankle Biters

The furry ones from the sewer never had much luck from the outset. The Ankle Biters where picked on by the other teams from South Division. Their only decent performances where two draws against the Middenhein Manhunters and the Loren Torenados. While they where gearing up for a second attempt at things, their Seers have decided to end it now. They have dispatched a new Skaven team to the league to replace the Ankle Biters. We shoud have some update on this new team over the next few days.

They shall be remembered for their endless bad luck and the perseverance of the Rat Ogre Spike who dispite getting sent of more that the rest of the team, still couldn’t resist putting the boot in.

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