New Signings for Rangers

The Loren Rangers have reviled that they have signed two new players for the 2508/09 season. Jordan Hawk, Head coach of the Rangers, commented:

As more teams are entering the league there is a greater chance of injury. Some of my boys wont stay young forever and we still need to think of the future. I am pleased to announce that we have signed a new lineman named Elrind Kingstar and a new young thrower named Jordan Greatwing. Both exceeded in the trials and are both from the list. They both have passed the physical and are ready to start training with the team.

More news will follow about these two players and where they are from. You can guarantee that the Rangers have something up their sleeves for this season.


  1. Gerhard your team is filled with old men. I’m suprised you don’t play with zimmer-frames. This year the gold will be ours and the next time we meet the pleasure will be all ours i’m sure.

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