New Signings for RSV

The inter season break has seen a bit of activity over in the Ragnars swift Velocity camp. They have said good bye to long standing veterans Stanrick Snider (Blitzer) and Ben “Longarm” McRaw (Thrower) due to injury. An Interesting fact about this is that these two players are the first two players to ever retire from the HDWSBBL.

To replace these heroes, RSV have hired two new blitzers, Christian Bloomhoff and Weeping Ding. With these new signings RSV now have four Blitzers to utilise on the pitch! We managed to catch up with Head Coach Gerhard Rockstein at the press conference:

Today marks a new era in RSV History. Our new team Captain Mittbrott is gearing up the team to take on the world. These new signings are the final bits of the puzzle that will once again win us the Championship gold that we crave.

We are trying to eradicate the end of last season from our record books, especially the Blood Bowl Tournament. It is now make or break time for us. We either win the cup this year or will never see us again!

Strong words indeed. Lets hope Gerhard is up to date with his medication this season. We wouldn’t want a repeat of last season which saw him being dragged of the pitch kicking and screaming by the Apothecaries.

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